Albino Penis Envy Magic Mushrooms


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Step into a realm of transcendent wonder with our Albino Penis Envy dried mushrooms. Each piece is a key to unlock profound insights and vibrant, visual symphonies. Craft your own odyssey with precision, guided by our thoughtful dosing advice. Embrace the journey of heightened awareness and spiritual awakening, tailored just for you.
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Albino Penis Envy (also known as APE) is a highly sought-after psilocybin mushroom strain, well-known among shroom enthusiasts for its all white appearance and powerful effects. This unique strain is a mutation of the original Penis Envy strain, which is itself a descendant of the famous Amazonian Cubensis strain. The “Albino” in its name refers to its notable coloration, not a true albino genetic mutation. Albino Penis Envy has quickly gained popularity and respect in the psychedelic community for its rarity and potency, making it a prized choice for those looking to embark on a profound psychedelic journey.

Physical Properties

The physical properties of Albino Penis Envy are as remarkable as its effects. The mushroom sports an all-white coloration, from the cap to the stem, giving it a ghostly and ethereal appearance. The caps are typically large, with a distinct shape that somewhat resembles a phallus, staying true to the “Penis Envy” part of its name. The stems are thick and of medium length, providing a sturdy base for the substantial caps. The overall size and robustness of Albino Penis Envy are indicative of its potency, setting it apart from many other psilocybin-containing strains.


Consuming Albino Penis Envy offers a potent and intense psychedelic experience, even at lower doses. Users report strong visual hallucinations, enhanced emotional states, and a profound sense of connection to their surroundings. The experience is often described as deep, introspective, and transformative, making it a favored choice for those seeking to explore the inner workings of their mind. It’s worth noting that due to its potency, Albino Penis Envy should be approached with respect and caution, particularly by those who are new to the world of psilocybin mushrooms.

SIZE Large
CAP White
STEM Thick and medium length


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